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Our Memorials
Join with us in creating a lasting memorial or thoughtful tribute to your cat, your dog, a dear friend or relative, another pet or anyone else. We now have a Memorial and Tribute Section specifically for this purpose .
Your donation to us specifically for a memorial or tribute will be posted on our pages in perpetuity. Your memorial or tribute will NOT lapse from our pages! You may make your donation to us either Online (via PayPal) or by US Postal Mail, however you prefer. If you are writing to us, please be sure to include all information we will need in order to prepare your Internet Memorial or Tribute.
The prices for inclusion are as follows:
$25 Silver Memorial or Tribute Donation

Three lines will be included on either the Memorial or Tribute section per your specification. These lines will include the Name of the recipient, your name and your City and State (plus country if not USA).
$ 100 Gold Memorial or Tribute Donation

Four lines will be included on the appropriate section which include the Name of the recipient, a short eulogy for the recipient, your name and your City and State (plus country if not USA). Additionally, you will receive a link to a special web page on our site which we shall prepare in honor of the recipient that bears similar information. You may send us a personal story, history, comments, etc. to be placed on the page.
The page may also include two pieces of clip art from our selection.
$ 250 Platinum Memorial or Tribute Donation
Similar to the $100 donation above but additionally, you may Email us two graphics to be placed on the personal Web Page. If you prefer, you may send us photos (which will be returned to you) and we will scan them for an additional $25 per photo. (Quality is dependant on your photos!) You may choose clip art instead, if you desire.

You may also send us your personal comments, poems, etc. and make a significant lasting Memorial or Tribute to your loved one. You may also include a MIDI file on your personal Web Page. This music may be one which you supply us or you may ask for one by request from us and if we do not have it available, will do the best we can to locate it for you.
If you desire, your "listing" and your personal Web Page may both include links to your Email address and/or another of your pages (in good taste only please).
Please Note:

  • Any donation may be posted as anonymous if you desire. Just be certain to let us know.
  • You will be Emailed on completion of your addition to our Memorial or Tribute with a link so that you can visit.
  • Should your donation be made on behalf of someone else (for example in honor of your friend's birthday or memory of your friend's deceased pet), please furnish their Email address and we shall also Email them on completion of the link and thank them on your behalf.
  • Although we anticipate much faster service, please allow us 21 days for completion if you are making on Online Donation and possibly longer if you are using US Postal Mail.

  • Should you have any corrections, please advise us as soon as possible but within seven days of our email advising you that your memorial or tribute has been completed. Any changes or corrections after that time, will incur an additional charge depending on the work involved (minimum of $25).

    Making your Donation Online:

    Click the "Donate Now" link on your left and make your selection. If you prefer, you may click HERE and that page will open for you in a new window. After your donation has been made, you will be returned to a special page with a link provided to you for entering all information that you need to submit to us for creating your Memorial or Tribute.

    Making your Donation via Postal Mail:

    Please be sure to include all information needed as specified above and be sure to tell us that the donation is geared for an Internet Memorial or Tribute. Also include your Email address should we need to contact you. Include your personal comments and any photos you wish us to scan, if applicable. Please note that Credit Card donations may ONLY be made via the Internet and PayPal at this time.

    You may print out a general mail form by clicking HERE.

    Thank you for deciding to place your special Memorial or Tribute on our pages and thank you most sincerely for assisting us to continue our important work helping Cats!
    Our Memorials