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Adoption and/or Admission Information - Please call us directly. We cannot properly discuss any admission or adoption information via Email. See our phone number and hours below.

Donations - Please see Link on the left called Donate Now! For other type of Donation, (for example, non-cash), please call us.

Mailing List, Additions or Corrections - Please see the Mailing List link on the left.

Merchandise - We do NOT offer any merchandise for sale. If you believe that you have seen an advertisement, please check with your source as it is incorrect.

Request Specific Information to be Mailed to You - Please Email Here. Please state type of Information you would like, i.e., Will Information, etc. Please do not use this Email address for any other type of assistance.

Submission of Poem or Cat Story - Please Email Here. Please do not use this Email address for any other type of assistance.

Use of Any of Our Poems and/or Stories - We cannot give anyone permission to use any of our Poems or Stories for any reason whatsover. In many cases, an individual copyright is also held by the respective author and thus, we have no right to grant same.

Web Pages Only - Please Email Here. with any problem that you encounter. Please do not use this Email address for any other type of assistance.

Other Type of Assistance Not Mentioned - Please call us directly and we will be happy to discuss your needs and do what we can to assist.

We are not affiliated with any other organization with any type of similar name, nor do we operate at any other location other than is stated on our Home Page.

Please Note! - We use our funds for direct care of the cats themselves. While the advent of the Internet has made it convenient for many of us to communicate via Email, there are some services that just cannot be properly handled in this manner. In order to continue to provide the excellent loving and attentive care that the CATS need, in many cases we ask you to call us directly so that you can obtain a complete response to your inquiry. Please understand that our funds do not allow us to operate in any other manner. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Our Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1055
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Our Phone Number:

(310) 836-5427
(11am to 4pm daily excepting Wednesdays, Sundays and Major Holidays)

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