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Background Information

PET PRIDE is a California non-profit organization which was incorporatedJanuary 6, 1965. It is a humane, educational institution which is tryingto systematically deal with the problems faced by the homeless, stray,abused, unwanted and neglected cat. It is the largest, oldest and mostwell-known charitable organization in the United States that deals solelywith the cat. Its aims are to confront the problems of the feline and througheducation, enable the cat to live a richer, fuller and happier life.
One of the most basic philosophies which is constantly disseminated to thepublic is the necessity of neutering and spaying. Coupled with the needfor population control is the fact that neutered cats live a happier andsafer life. The neutered pet does not spray or call for a mate and unbredwhole females chance developing an often fatal uterine infection. We areby no means alone in this precept; many humane societies also preach theneuter/spay concept. But we go further than most do. We feel that the catis entitled to proper veterinary care, a good, nourishing diet, healthful,enjoyable surroundings and plenty of love and attention. We try to educatethe public on the entire proper care of the cat and deal with all typesof questions from nutrition to behavioral problems. We also directly confronthead-on the controversy regarding the indoor/outdoor cat. We feel thatthe only safe, proper, loving environment for a cat is one in which heis kept strictly indoors at all times, unless he is in a completely cat-proofscreened patio or the like or is walked on a harness. We point out themany perils that the outdoor cat has to deal with, many of them fatal.The indoor cat however, is kept safe; safe from traffic, safe from physicalabuse by other animals and people; safe from disease.
During the last several decades there has been an increasing awareness of the feline leukemia virus(FeLV) for which there is no cure and which has meant certain death formany outdoor cats. It is spread by contact with the excretions of anotherinfected cat, usually by blood, urine, saliva and/or feces. The outdoorcat chances infection many times daily. We do not believe that a cat needshis "freedom" or that his nature is interfered with in any wayby his protection. On the contrary, with an attractive, clean indoor home,toys to play with and the comfort of human love and companionship, thecat would not choose to deal with constant threats of death at every turn.
Information is spread to the public in many ways. Our phone linesare constantly busy. We try to answer as many questions as we can and referany medical problems to a veterinarian. We receive hundreds of letterseach month which are answered. We have various literature covering specificcat care areas and we have regularly scheduled publications. Our newsletteris named the PET PRIDE PURR-RESS. Our winter edition always contains lovelycat stamps featuring our "shelter kitties." We maintain and updatea mailing list of some 50,000 people who receive all of our mailings. Ourmailing list includes interested "cat people" in every stateof the United States, Canada, Mexico and several foreign countries.
In order that the public may see a proper cat environment at work and in orderto help as many homeless cats as possible, we established a PET PRIDE Shelterin 1970 in Los Angeles which we call PET PRIDE's "Home for Cats."It is quite different from any other shelters existing for two very importantreasons. Our resident cats live uncaged except for new admittees awating neutering or catsreceiving medical treatment. We do NOT euthanize any of our cats for anyreason except terminal, suffering illness. Our shelter consists of two regular houses whichare joined together by a large glassed patio. Other separate buildingsinclude our admissions/office area, our clinic and our kitten "condo"that are to the rear. Each of our houses has large metal mesh doors whichseparate the rooms and each room is designed to project a living room typesurrounding. Each house also contains a large fully screened and "escape proof"patio with many wooden shelves for climbing, sunning and playing. The accessto both houses is from the rear, which itself is fully fenced to preventescape. We house and care for about 300 cats at any one time. We screenadopting parents to be certain they will provide devoted, indoor homes.We are limited in our number due to space requirements and, of course,funding.
Cats who are new admittees are checked for FeLV and receive amedical examination. They receive their 4 in 1 shot and Leukemia shotsand are weighed and their teeth checked. In the following days they areneutered or spayed if unaltered. They are then placed in our kitty housewhere they can become accustomed to living with other cats and where weclosely monitor their eating and behavior patterns. The "cat"house is cageless, fully furnished for the cats' comforts and kept spotlesslyclean. Food, fresh water and clean litter are always available. Low ashdry food is plentiful in supply and the cats are fed their "wet" mealstwice daily that consist of nutritionally balanced beef by-products, specificallyformulated for cats. There are toys to play with, sofas, chairs, cat climbingtrees, pillows and beds to lay on, patios to visit and much human companionship,petting and loving. They are quite at home and ready and willing to greetour many shelter visitors. They are constantly watched for any signs ofmedial problems and any ill cat is immediately taken to our clinic. Routineproblems are handled in house and supervised by our overseeing vet; complexcases are treated at our veterinarian's hospital. We provide all of our "residents"with regularly scheduled booster vaccines and even regular dental care! Our catsare flea free, ear mite free and very healthy indeed. You won't see any sniffles orrunny eyes in our midst and all of our cats receive devoted care from all ofour staff and many volunteers.
We hope to be able to provide a "model" shelter conceptfor other groups to follow, particularly the cageless concept. By our manydoors, constant disinfection and cleaning, attentive supervision, our openenvironment means a happy, well-adjusted cat. Our costs, of course, arequite high.
In addition to the donations received from our newsletters and stamps,we have devised two unique programs which help us to maintain some monthlybalance to our income. The concept of our "Foster Feline Program" was startedover 20 years ago. Members send us $ 20 per month and in return are assignedone specific cat as their "Foster Kitty." The "parent(s)"receive a welcome letter from their feline along with a color photo plusupdated correspondences. "Parents" are encouraged to visit ifpossible to meet their kitty in person. This is an especially attractiveprogram to many who love cats and wish to help them but cannot have oneof their own. We have participating foster parents in many areas of thecounty, Canada and Mexico, some of whom have come and adopted their kittyinto their own home! Additionally we have a "Patron Program" available tosupporters who wish to send us an automatic monthly donation from theirchecking account which may be as minimal as $5 per month.
Information is available on request to those who wish to provide for their own cats intheir will by entrusting their cat's care to us or who wish to providea bequest which will assist us to continue our important work in their honor.
Our staff stands ready and willing to assist and we invite you tosee our caring facility. Our "Home for Cats" is located at 3350South Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90034 and our visiting hoursare 11AM to 4PM daily (excepting Wednesdays and Sundays). We are closed on major holidays.Our phone number is (310) 836-5427 and our Shelter Manager will be gladto answer any questions you may have or will refer your inquiry onto theproper person. We sincerely thank you for your interest and your supportof our very important work.

You may write to us as follows:

P.O. Box 1055
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

You may also leave Email requesting information you wish mailed to you andwe sincerely thank you for your much-needed, ongoing support!

(C) PET PRIDE, P.O. Box 1055, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

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